Core Ministry: Belonging

“We will be hospitable, inclusive, accessible and adaptable. We will communicate widely and frequently so that people are welcomed   and informed about the work and witness of the New Community. We will build an empowering sense of belonging through attentive pastoral care and support in the practices of the Christian faith. We will address the transportation problems identified in our consultations as quickly as possible in ways that accommodate the greatest number of people.”

Excerpt from Stronger Together:  Co-creating a New Community, approved 2015.

There are many ways you can share your gift of time as a part of the congregation. You can participate in special outreach programs, help make the coffee and tea for coffee time after worship, volunteer as a driver for worship or special events, offer to billet for special events. You could participate in the worship life of St. Michael’s Care Centre and/or L’Arche Community. There are many ways in which we want folks to feel a sense of belonging, and hope to help foster that.